Visitor Tracking

Overstay and Exit alerts, Real-time updates, who is inside, when and why.

Unusual Pattern detection

Our InScan algo automatically flags unwanted visitors based on several crucial factors.

Host notifications

Get instantly notified on visitor sign-in. Save time and effort of tracking your visitor’s arrival.

Invite & pre-register

Send invite to your visitor using Truein Member app, for an OTP-based superfast entry.

Govt. ID scan

Our powerful in-built card scanner lets you auto-capture details from any Govt. ID or visiting card.
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Why Truein

Enhance Security

Truein creates first-line of defence at the entry. The system is designed specifically with Security in mind.

Meet Safety compliances

Maintain meticulous visitor logs. Alerts for Evacuation, Overstay and other safety checks.

Give better guest Experience

Seamless entry for your visitors with fast check-in. Upgrade your VMS to Truein advantage.

Boost Efficiency

Save your time and efforts significantly. Auto-capture visitor details, host notification and approvals right from your mobile.

Technology Advantage

The system is powered by our proprietary inScan technology. We leverage recent developments in AI and Secure cloud technologies.
Truein Visitor

Truein Support

Truein provides best in class customer support. We go extra mile and proactively provide support that you may need. We follow best in class enterprise-grade processes and tools to provide excellent support via various channels.

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Customer Testimonials

How Truein is improving security of premises and improves the end-to-end experience on entry management.
We get a lot of interest, curiosity and questions about the tab based visitor management system at NCL Innovation Park. Visitors get a welcome screen and a map to reach the person/building where they have a meeting. The dashboard shows the latest events and statistics. The Venture Center Front Desk is alerted every time visitors come in and leave. Cool!
- Dr. V. Premnath
Director, NCL Innovation Park, Pune
Truein is very smart and intuitive. It’s operational model emphasizes on security. I specially like the app-based dashboard, which gives me real-time information of all visitors inside office.
- Divyesh Pancholi
Director, Suryakamal Infra Group