Make the most out of footfall at your event.

Free up yourself

Spend less time collecting visitors details. Truein kiosk gives you more time to engage with your Visitors and lets you focus on more important matters.

Impress your visitor

Wow your visitors with elegant visitor kiosk, slideshow of your brand pictures and and instant welcome message. First impression does matter.

Create engagement

Convert your visitors from Prospects to Customers. Collect feedback, re-invite your guest, send follow up emails and do much more using Truein's simple yet powerful Dashboard.

Key Features

Slideshow and Branding

Present your brand to your visitors. Add images to create impact through slideshow on the Truein tab.

Host Notification

Truein sends an instant notification to your team when their visitor arrives.

Invite and Pre-register Visitors

Send invite to your visitors in advance for faster and secure OTP based sign in.

Scan Visiting Card/ Govt ID

Scan ID Cards to ensure visitor authenticity and faster check-in.

Evacuation alerts

In case of an emergency, trigger evacuation alert for all your visitors inside the campus.

Dashboard and Analytics

Powerful Analytics with multiple built-in reports. Download as CSV or PDF.
Truein Customer surykamal

Customer Testimonials

How Truein is creating exceptional end-to-end experience of Visitor registration at our various customer site - in both Enterprise and Event industry. Following is a sample of our Customer Testimonials.
We get a lot of interest, curiosity and questions about the tab based visitor management system at NCL Innovation Park. Visitors get a welcome screen and a map to reach the person/ building where they have a meeting. The dashboard shows the latest events and statistics. The Venture Center Front Desk is alerted every time visitors come in and leave. Cool!
- Dr. V. Premnath
Director, NCL Innovation Park, Pune
Truein is very smart and intuitive. It’s operational model emphasizes on security and has created wow experience at our reception. Very proactive support team, also helped us to customize according to our needs. Truein does what it says.
- Divyesh Pancholi
Director HR, Suryakamal Infra Group