Touch-less Face recognition based Staff Attendance

In current times, a safe touch-less entry for your staff is an important safety measure. Truein has been already leading in Face recognition technologies in the entrance domain from past 4 years. It's a robust, accurate and secure attendance system.

Truein - Staff Attendance

How it works?

A tablet is placed at reception or mounted at the entrance gate. Staff walks towards it. A face recognition is auto-triggered and attendance is recorded.

  • 100% Robust, Accurate and Secure attendance.
  • Runs on any Android or iOS device. No other Hardware required.
  • Self attendance option - using own mobile. Face based and Geo fenced.
  • Simple and fast Onbording & Roll out.
  • Powerful Admin dashboard. Real time reports.
  • Integration with other System.

Truein - Visitor Management

How it works?

Visitor shows face on the tablet. A face recognition is auto-triggered and identifies the visitor and sends an unique link on their mobile to enter meeting host name and complete registration.
For new visitor, QR is displayed. Visitor scans it and complete the registration on their mobile.

  • Seamless check in: Simple to use.
  • Host notifications: SMS along with Visitor photo and ID.
  • Safety features: Overstay alerts, Evac alerts, Blacklist and more.
  • Analytics and Reports.